Doggy Day Care

Please note that we are unable to take bookings as we are fully booked. Please email to have your dog added to our waiting list.

We collect your dog in the morning, take them to day care for a number of hours depending on the service, then drop them home in the evening.

Our team take the business of dog walking and doggy day care seriously. For us, it’s not just a stroll in the park!

Whether you’re at work, don’t have the time for daily walks or your dog just has too much energy, you need not feel guilty. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your dog will be happy and safe with caring, experienced handlers in an environment that is perfect for dogs.

The most important thing to us is that we know every single dog personally; their nature, needs and personality, giving us the confidence that the Doggy Day Care pack all get on.

We are a small day care and operate a policy of 4 dogs to each member of staff. This ensures that all our day care dogs welfare and safety remains the priority at all times. Whilst other day cares choose to take on a larger number of dogs, our experience is that these types of day cares will not be suitable for all dogs. By taking a smaller number of dogs we can ensure our day care dogs are given the individual fuss & attention that they deserve!

Doggy Day Care Prices – 2019

Half Day (Monday to Friday)

1 adult dog – £17.50 (Up to 5 hours)

2 adult dogs – £35.00 (Up to 5 hours)

Half Day (Saturday, Sunday)

1 adult dog – £27.50 (Up to 5 hours)

2 adult dogs – £40.00 (Up to 5 hours)

Full Day (Monday to Friday)

1 dog – £30.00 per day (10 hours maximum)

2 dogs – £50.00 per day (10 hours maximum)

Full Day (Saturday, Sunday)

1 dog – £37.50 per day

2 dogs – £57.50 per day

We also offer day care on Bank Holidays, prices are available on request.

The following may be of interest:

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

We collect & drop off your dog at a time that is convenient for you.

We are open 365 days a year.

Full Terms & Conditions are provided by us at the time of booking. By using our services you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Our standard rates cover up to three miles from Westerham centre. Beyond this, we charge a further £0.50 per mile to cover mileage costs.

Bespoke services can be arranged.

Feel free to contact us for further information.